Artshow Jockey

Hello! Artshow Jockey is a application to assist in the management of a convention-style art show.

If your show has the following basic arrangement, then you'll find that Artshow Jockey does exactly, or possibly more, than what you need:

Artshow Jockey contains a number of other features to make management of larger shows easier:

Artshow Jockey is written in Python using the Django application framework. It can be installed as a standalone application, or integrated into a larger Django project. Most screens use the Django "Admin" application, with a few customised screens. Customised screens are currently "ugly" but functional, just like this page.

Artshow Jockey is currently in development, and has been used and refined at Further Confusion every year since 2009. Other conventions are highly encouraged to use it too. A polished "1.0" release is expected in March 2012. You are invited to download an try the project now; any recommendations and requests will be happily considered. As it is in development, only downloads via "SVN" are supported, but other methods will be available once the project stabilises.

Follow these links to get started:

Artshow Jockey is currently actively developed by:

Development assistance, especially for HTML/CSS/Javascript, is eagerly welcome.